About Sahyadri Software Technologies

Sahyadri Software Technologies is a leading provider of automation technology for SML scale industry and is steadily extending their geographic footprint across growth sectors and remainsfocused in Digital Market & Software Solutions. We are already into new territories with existing services and support for Local Government, Healthcare, IT Solutions, SaaS and Enterprise Application Integration etc

We put all out efforts into solving our customers problems – big or small. Our mission is to win for each client by finding the right solution to achieve their desired results. We never stray from that target. That means anticipating and overcoming the unknown challenges that come up along the way in every project. We have the confidence that we can do that – no matter what that challenge might be.

Our Strategy, Mission and Vision

The 5W approachare outlined as follows: Who? – Target Audience What? – Product and Services of Tej Group When? – Time allocation and frequency Where? – Online media and platforms Why? – Brand awareness and revenue generation

Intelligently advise our customers on the right digital nervous systems, strategies to develop sound business flows and streamline their business operations by leading-edge technologies Our application and software are good, as the people who make it!

We built our company on innovation, influencing products that were new and needed. We accept the risks inherent in following our vision, and work to develop leadership products that command the profit margins we strive for.